Health and Wellness

senior housing health care

The Manor Village at Scottsdale offers a broad variety of services through their health and wellness team. These services are offered through the Preserving Independence Program and are available to all residents. They strive to ensure that all their residents are keeping wellness in mind. The first thing you will go through when you come to the Manors is undergoing a health assessment as well as a visit with the house physician. You will also be able to speak with your personal physician as well. You will also speak with the onsite pharmacist for filling any medications and speaking about any medication that you might be on. There are several different wellness clinics that are given frequently. One popular one is the flu shot clinic that helps to ensure that you have received your flu shot for the year. During the year, there will be a variety of guest speakers that will come in and speak on a variety of health topics that seniors may face. You will also get a health and wellness newsletter showing you different topics on wellness for seniors.
Your personal wellness care plan will include the following:

• Medication administration.
• Oxygen assistance.
• Bathing or shower assistance.
Personal hygiene.
• Assurance visits.
• Socialization.

This will help to ensure that you experience the most out of your time at the Manor.
To help aid in the health of residents, there are a broad variety of exercise options. Yoga, stretch class, water aerobics and strength training are all part of the health activities at Manor Village.